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10 Days To Go!

In just over a week the Bopha Team will assemble in Siem Reap before heading out to the location of our next project: a tiny school tucked deep in the Cambodian countryside and surrounded by jungle. 🌱 The flight to Cambodia is pretty lengthy and involves a stop off in Bangkok before a final 1.5 hour flight to our final destination. We will, without doubt, be jet-lagged on arrival!

On the day we land in Siem Reap, we’ll meet with our Cambodian lead Phea as well as the Bopha Education lead, Lyna and our translator Ms Vita. After a debrief, we’ll all eat together and then get an early night.

Me and the team have learnt from previous Bopha School Projects, that things don’t always quite go to plan, but there are certain concrete aims and objectives that we’re working to on this trip.

Firstly stage one …

And then stage two …

You’ll notice on Stage Two that we will deliver the education in a second “overspill” school.

This is because there are usually some period packs and sanitary towels left over from the first school and so it’s good to make sure they are distributed elsewhere.

There’s also a Stage Three to the trip (which I didn’t make a pic for), but in essence, will involve meeting the principle/s that Bopha School will look to work with next, as well as mapping out next steps with our Cambodian lead.

My hope is that the next school/s will be delivered solely by our Khmer team. 🤞

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